Bad Friends

Bad Friends

A terrible accident. A secret discovered. An inescapable nightmare. Who needs enemies with friends like these?

En route from ending a destructive love affair, TV producer Maggie Warren is involved in a freak accident. Lucky to escape with her life, Maggie’s further disturbed to discover she’s now front-page news. When invited to discuss her trauma on a chat-show, Maggie comes face to face with fellow survivor, the beautiful but damaged Fay Carter – fame-hungry, needy and now apparently infatuated. One by one the tentacles of Maggie’s past mistakes seem to be reaching inexorably into her future. Her compromised career is catching up with her, ex-boyfriend Alex just won’t take no for an answer – but worse, the secret Maggie has tried so hard to bury is coming back to haunt her. When Maggie’s flat is ransacked, she refuses to believe it’s a coincidence. Now Maggie’s clutching onto sanity for dear life, but she’s horribly aware that one final push might send her over the edge! Or is that exactly what someone wants?


“Seeber is fantastic at describing contemporary life, including the world of the media where she herself works, and charting the terrain of anxiety and psychological turmoil ….  a terrific read”
(Cath Staincliffe, Tangled Web)

“Bad Friends is an absorbing suspense novel that will keep you wondering what might happen up until the very last few pages ….. I realised that there were times when I was literally holding my breath as I was reading! If you enjoy suspense novels, this book definitely won’t disappoint.”
(Sue Magee, The Bookbag)

“An intense psychological thriller – rated Five Stars”
(OK! Magazine)