News and Upcoming Events

I will be down in Bristol at Crimefest http://www.crimefest.com/on Friday 20th May, hanging out with lots of nice authors.  I’m not on a panel but will be propping up the bar no doubt from mid Friday pm – there are lots of interesting events on…

On Saturday May 28 2016 I will be appearing at THE GREENWICH BOOK FESTIVAL @ 5.30pm in a GREENWICH AUTHORS’ SHOWCASE: DETAILS HERE…http://www.greenwichbookfest.com/events/best-greenwich-lu-spinney-claire-seeber-adam-baron-sarah-armstrong/.  There are lots of other interesting events on Friday 27 – Saturday 28 May so do have a look…my event is TOTALLY FREE!! So you can come and enjoy local writers for nowt 🙂